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Haxnicks Tomato patio Planters against a wall

Product Bite: Tomato Patio Planters -grow tomatoes anywhere!

What are Tomato Patio planters:  Haxnicks Tomato Patio planters are roomy planters that allow anyone to grow tomatoes, even if they don't have a garden.  Perfect for small and urban gardens,...
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Haxnicks Vigoroot vegetable planter for growing vegetables the best way

Product Bite: Vigoroot Vegetable Planters

What are Vigoroot Vegetable Planters:   Vigoroot Vegetable planters are planters made from a very special Air Pruning fabric.  This Air Pruning process dramatically changes the formation of the roots and...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks Extra Thick fleece blanket pest weather plant protection

Product Bites: Fleece Blanket plant protection

What is The Haxnicks Extra Thick Fleece Blanket: The Haxnicks Extra thick Fleece Blanket is a thick, durable and reusable plant protection fabric that can be put in place in a...
Sarah Talbot
Product Bites: Cane Rings - decorative plant supports

Product Bites: Cane Rings - decorative plant supports

Cane Rings are ring shaped plant supports that you can use in pots or in the ground to grow any climbing plants. A decorative way to support climbing plants like...
Sarah Talbot
Victorian Bell cloche plant protection from harsh weather and pests

Product Bite: Victorian Bell Cloches - plant protection

What are Victorian Bell Cloches:  Victorian Bell Cloches are plastic cloches that cover individual plants and protect them from frost, heavy rain, harsh winds and pests. The cloches have adjustable...
Sarah Talbot
haxnicks green fern fleeces- plant winter protection- non obtrusive plant protection- plant warmer

Product Bite: Green Fern Fleece Jackets

What are Green Fern Fleece Jackets: Easy Fleece Jackets are little jackets you pull over your plants to keep them warm in winter. They are quick and easy to use...
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haxnicks vegetable sacks- veg sacks- vegetable storage- sustainable Vegetable storage/gardening

Product Bites: Vegetable Sacks for storing your root veg

What is/are Vegetable Sacks: Vegetable Sacks are veg storage bags made from 100% biodegradable vegetable fibres. They are indispensable to keep home grown veg in peak condition until you are...
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Haxnicks- easy fleece tunnels- plant protection- plant warmer- pest/sun protection

Product Bites: Easy Fleece Tunnels for winter plant protection

What are Easy Fleece Tunnels: Easy Fleece Tunnels are growing tunnels that warms the air around your plants and protects them from frost and harsh weather. They also:- Lock in...
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Product Bite: Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planters

What are Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planters:Vigoroot Potato/ Tomato Planters are air-pruning planters that offer a super easy way to grow bigger plants such as potatoes and tomatoes. What crop are they...
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haxnicks bamboo plant markers- plant name cards- bamboo gardening- sustainable gardening- compostable gardening equipment

Product Bite: sustainable Bamboo Plant Markers

What are Bamboo Plant Markers: How do you mark a vegetable garden? Bamboo Plant Markers are a set of three labels that will allow you to mark what you have...
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Haxnicks tomato tubes - frost protection to grow better tomatoes

Product Bite: Tomato Tubes for perfect plants

What are Tomato Tubes : Tomato Tubes are simple tubes of aerated, UV Stabilised polythene that you put over tomato plants. They offer simple, inexpensive, organic crop protection for tomato...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks- maxi Rootrainers- easy tree planting- straight roots

Product Bite: Maxi Rootrainers for planting trees

What are Deep Rootrainers : Rootrainers are innovative planting cells and Maxi Rootrainers are the king of all Rootrainers. They are perfect for growing trees from seeds or cuttings. So,...
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