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Tagged: How to Grow Beans

  • Haxnicks Gardening blog Three Sisters mound with sweetcorn, beans, squash

    3 Vegetable Plants to Always Plant Together - Three Sister's Planting

    What is the Three Sisters Planting Method?

    The Three Sisters Planting Method is an ancient practice dating back to almost three hundred years ago. Native American tribes such as the Iroquois and Cherokee grew Three Sister Gardens as it allowed them to successfully grow 3 crops in the area of one.  The Three Sisters Planting Method is an equally important gardening concept today as it was all those years ago as it provides long-term soil fertility whilst maximising growing space. It is a form of sustainable gardening as increases biodiversity, attracts pollinators and enhances soil fertility rather than removing it.

  • Cane rings, cane supports & other plant support products for sweetpeas and other climbing flowers

    5 Simple but decorative plant support ideas

    Discover 5 simple to use easy decorative plant support ideas to inspire you.  Suitable for supporting all climbing plants including vegetable plants such as climbing beans and peas and flowers such as sweetpeas.

  • How to Grow Broad Beans in Containers

    How to Grow Broad Beans in Containers

    Don't let lack of space stop you growing broad beans in pots and containers.  Here is your step by step guide to growing broad beans from seed in garden planters.

  • How to grow Broad Beans of fava beans in the Garden

    How to grow Broad Beans of fava beans in the Garden

    Broad beans, or Fava beans as they are called in the USA, are a very popular bean.  Aro...

  • Choosing the Right Rootrainer

    Choosing the Right Rootrainer

    What are Rootrainers? Rootrainers are planting cells that have been used by professiona...

  • cabbage-with-frost-in-winter-garden

    20 Fruit & Vegetables To Plant in November

    If you want to carry on eating from the garden don’t let the onset of winter stop you. Winter gardening can be every bit as rewarding as summer gardening. It will also allow you to grow something new and provide an excuse to get off the sofa and enjoy the outdoors. For the best winter gardening here are 10 vegetables & 10 fruits that you can plant in November.