What are Tomato Patio planters: 

Haxnicks Tomato Patio planters are roomy planters that allow anyone to grow tomatoes, even if they don't have a garden.  Perfect for small and urban gardens, patios and balconies. They are great for allotment holders who want to grow some of their crops at home so they can nip out of the back door to grab one for supper rather than trekking down to the plot.  

What crop are they for:

They work for all sorts of tomatoes from dwarf to large cordon tomatoes.  There are two planters in a pack so you could grow more than one type too.  

What's so special about them?

Each 40L tomato planter has 3 cane pockets to keep your supports firmly in place without disturbing the soil. The planters are made from tough stuff 180gsm woven polyethylene (some copycat versions are as little as 100gsm).  This means that they will be up to the job of containing your tomato plants.  And they can be washed & folded flat at the end of the season and used year after year, 

Find out more:

See them in action: To see it in action head over to our YouTube channel Haxnicks Patio Planters or to see more of our Tomato Growing Range take a look at this play list Tomato Growing

Buy them here: Haxnicks tomato Patio Planter