What is The Haxnicks Extra Thick Fleece Blanket:

Haxnicks Extra Thick Fleece Blanket plant protection from frost rain wind and pests


The Haxnicks Extra thick Fleece Blanket is a thick, durable and reusable plant protection fabric that can be put in place in a matter of minutes.  It protects from frost, harsh weather and pests.  


 What crop are they for:

The Extra Thick Fleece Blanket can be used for any plants from young seedlings to mature bushes. It can be quickly laid over tender crops and easily secured using either pegs or heavy stones around the edges.

As well as frost protection it also provides effective, organic pest protection when the edges are secured using fabric pegs.  Your fruit and vegetables will be safe from all manner of pests including carrot fly and cabbage root fly, 

Where can I use them:

They can be used in beds, rows of seedlings or wrapped round bigger plants for protection.  The 1.8m x 10m sheet can be cut as needed to fit your bed exactly.   

Haxnicks Bamboo tunnel hoops can also be purchased alongside the blanket enabling you to create your own tunnel cloches and the U-shaped fabric pegs will ensure that the fabrics stay grounded!

What's so special about it?

The extra-thick 35gsm fleece is double the weight of the usual bulk roll fleece found in garden centres.  This gives the plants the best possible frost protection and insulation from cold in a single  layer.  

Find out more:

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Sarah Talbot