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Haxnicks gardening tips and tricks recipes for gardeners delicious Spinach quiche

Spinach ready for eating?

If your spinach is ready then here is a lovely recipe for you. With a few tweaks it would also work with swiss chard if you have that ready at...
Sarah Talbot
Fire in the Kitchen Cookbook for teens by Madeleine Cardozo

Wishing you luck with your Fire in the Kitchen cookery book!

One of our regular bloggers, Madeleine Cardozo has just released a new cookery book. As well as an  authority on growing veg, Madeleine is a trained chef. Our readers have...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks gardening tips and tricks dead heading and planting

Making your Garden Season Last as Long as Possible

The temperatures are dropping and growth is slowing down. But there are still some things that you can do in the garden to prolong the flowers and keep active outside...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks Recipes for gardeners - tarte francaise delicious easy tart to use up windfall apples

A delicious way to use a glut of fruit or windfall apples...

If you have windfall apples this is the recipe for you. However, this tart can also be made with apples, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries..... or a mix of fruits. It...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks Gardening advice gardening at Legoland

Legoland gardens are faking it! Find out more here...

As the amount of guests booms for LEGOLAND, the number of gardeners dwindles. Inventions like astro turf and extremely good fake mini trees make the gardeners life easier. There is...
Sarah Talbot
Madeleine Cardozo blog Growing on a balcony, a roof top and more!

Growing on a balcony, a roof top and more!

Over the years, all sorts of gardeners have been kind enough to share their pictures of creative growing in unusual places….
Hannah Collis
Haxnicks- raised bed- empty the greenhouse-growing outdoors

Empty the Greenhouse!

Post by Madeleine Cardozo It’s all very exciting, everything has started growing like mad – including the weeds! So really you could be spending a lot of time outside enjoying...
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Haxnicks- what gardening to do at the beginning of spring- propagation- seedling planter

Jobs for the beginning of Spring

Is the 21st March the Official First Day of Spring? Spring is definitely here, the daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are in full flow. The smell of freshly cut lawn is...
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Haxnicks - what to do in the garden mid march- broad beans in easy tunnel

What to do in the garden this week - Mid March

Blog post by Madeleine Things are Beginning to Happen in the Garden... Here in Dorset we have just had a glorious weekend and doing any kind of gardening meant having...
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Haxnicks- pumpkin seed uses- pumpkin seed pile image

Autumn Tasks - how to cook pumpkin seeds and how to store apples

If you want to know if your pumpkin is rips check out this blog How to Harvest Pumpkins  But if you are already there and have harvested we are really hoping...
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haxnicks- get the cloches out-october gardening- easy tunnel

Madeleine's Corner: Get the Cloches Out!

October - time to get your cloches out! October is a mix of protection (cloches, tunnels & fleece), harvesting, planting and thinking of Spring. As a result of rapidly cooling...
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Haxnicks-compost_sacks- how to harvest vegetables and make leaf mould- homemade compost

Madeleine's Corner: Harvesting vegetables & making leaf mould

This week we have all had a new lease of life in the garden, the plants are growing like mad as this extra bit of warmth has given them another...
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