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Haxnicks Easy seedling tunnel- how to grow seedlings- seedling protection- plant protection - propagation

Product Bite: Easy Seedling Tunnels ideal for Spring

What are Easy Seedling Tunnels: Easy Seedling Tunnels are mini growing tunnels for starting off seeds which; Lock in moisture Protect from harsh weather and pests Warm the soil ready...
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Haxnicks sustainable Bamboo pots, biodegradable, compostable natural bamboo pots

Product Bite: 5" & 6" biodegradable Bamboo Pots

What are Bamboo Pots : Bamboo Pots are ordinary pots made out of an extraordinary material. They are made from sustainable bamboo fibre, rice starch and resin made from naturally...
Sarah Talbot
Soft tie plant tie gentle the best way to support bushes, trees and tomato plants

Product Bites: Soft tie - the original and best plant tie

What is Soft Tie : Soft Tie is a reusable, soft, strong plant tie for a multitude of garden uses. It comes in two widths; Original and Slim. Original -...
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Tomato crop booster - the best way to grow tomatoes and grow bigger better tomatoes

Product Bites: Tomato Crop Booster for healthier plants & bigger yields

What is the Tomato Crop Booster: The Tomato Crop Booster is a frame specifically designed for supporting tomato plants. Properly supported plants put more of their energy into growing fruit...
Sarah Talbot