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Tagged: Recipes for Gardeners

  • How to Freeze Home Grown Rhubarb

    How to Freeze Home Grown Rhubarb

    If you are growing your own rhubarb then chances are you might get a glut.  Luckily rhubarb is easy to freeze.  Discover if you have to blanch rhubarb to freeze it and all you need to know to successfully freeze home grown rhubarb.

  • Haxnicks recipes for gardeners easy carrot or courgette cake the best way to use a glut of courgetttes

    Courgette or Carrot Cake

    Courgette or Carrot Cake This is a vegetable cake, it can be nutty by adding the walnut...

  • How to make your own Maca Root Powder at home

    How to make your own Maca Root Powder at home

    Maca is a root vegetable that originates in the Andean mountains of Peru. The good news is that it grows in the UK too and is great for container gardening. It has been consumed for thousands of years as a traditional medicine and food, and it is known for its adaptogenic properties.

    Find out how to make Maca Root Powder here

  • Haxnicks recipe for gardeners the best ever home grown Chilli jam

    How to Preserve Chillies & Make Chilli Jam

    This easy to use 6 step chilli recipe is simple to make. Home made chilli jam is a great way to keep eating your home grown food all year.  Use it to spice up a humble cheese sandwich or add to a hearty soup, chilli jam is a the perfect chilli recipe for using up a glut of chillies.

  • Haxnicks gardening advice how to grow tomatoes the best way

    How to Grow Every type of Tomato - from Cherry Tomatoes to Beef Tomatoes

    Growing Tomatoes Tomatoes are an easy and rewarding crop to grow. Quite often they a...

  • Haxnicks recipes for gardeners - Mulled Pear on a plate how to preserve pears & use a glut of pears

    Garden Recipe: How to make Mulled Pears

    How to Store & Cook Pears It is all very well enjoying the fruits of the garden dur...