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Here is the latest on Haxnicks and our Social Media Profiles.  Links to the latest posts are below. Pick up gardening tips and tricks on our Blog, or why not search for one of our products.

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NEW! NEW! NEW! Extend your growing season!

Check out the Light-Booster Plant House.  It makes the most of the low light early in the season bouncing it back onto your plants.  This means you can plant earlier reducing the risk of your seedlings becomig leggy and giving stronger healthier plants.    

Click here to learn more... I want to extend my growing season!

 Stars and stripes Haxnicks in the USAWelcome to our new American Followers! 

Check out this blog for more info on Haxnicks Easy Tunnels Micromesh or to buy in the USA click here Haxnicks in the USA or for Canada click here Haxnicks in Canada 


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