What are Green Fern Fleece Jackets:

Easy Fleece Jackets are little jackets you pull over your plants to keep them warm in winter. They are quick and easy to use and give plants instant protection from frost and other harsh weather. The soft fern pattern looks great in the garden and is a subtle way to protect tender plants. 


What crop are they for:

The Jackets are for protecting any tender plants that could not normally safely overwinter outside. They are especially good for large, exotic & tender container plants, palms, cordylines, banana trees, citrus trees, tree ferns, magnolias, small/new camellias, bougainvillea. Three sizes are available - small, medium and large to most plants. The material they are made from is high-grade 35gsm polypropylene fleece. This will let through light and moisture maintaining healthy growing conditions to keep your plant in tip top condition. 


Where can I use them:

Anywhere in the garden or in a draughty conservatory to protect exotic plants. 


What's so special about it?

The jackets are simple to fit. Just slide over the plant and secured with the integral drawstring around the base. They can be easily removed on nicer days to allow the plant to get more air and light. Then the jacket can be refitted before nightfall to protect from overnight frosts. The alternative is using layers of lose fleece. This is much harder to handle and can have gaps that let the cold in and may damage or kill the plant. The Green Fern Fleece Jackets can even be doubled up to combat really cold spells or look after plants in very exposed areas. Using two Easy Fleece Jackets, one over the other can help protect plants from much lower temperatures as it creates an insulating layer. 


Find out more:

See it in action: To see it in action head over to our YouTube channel and watch our Frost Protection video.

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