What are Cane Rings :

Cane Rings are ring shaped plant supports that you can use in pots or in the ground to grow any climbing plants. 


What crop are they for:

They can be used for any climbing plant such as sweet peas or beans or even decorative plants such as ivy.

Where can I use them:

Use them anywhere where the plant needs support or where you want to create height in the garden. 

What's so special about it?

They are such a simple idea, but give impressive results. Gardeners can create a professional looking and decorative obelisk style display and at the same time provide solid support for their climbing plants. These 2 rings ( 1 x 50cm, 1 x 45cm) are used with 6 bamboo canes. To use them the bottoms of the canes are fixed into the ground or the pot and the larger ring is positioned close to the bottom. The canes are then fitted through the smaller ring which is positioned near the top. The tension of the bamboo then holds the rings firmly in place to support the plants as they climb. Made of smart looking and durable steel the rings can be used year after year.

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