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Product Bite: Easy Riddle easy to use Garden Sieve

Written by Sarah Talbot

What is the Easy Riddle?

Haxnicks Easy Riddle garden sieve in use with compost over wheelbarrow

Easy Riddle is a garden sieve.  A good garden sieve is a basic and essential part of a gardener’s tool kit. Easy Riddle is an ergonomic, easy to use version which has many advantages over a traditional riddle.

It makes sieving soil to create fine seed and potting compost for planting much easier to do.  If you make your own compost then it is an essential tool for removing the lumps. 

What's so special about it?

Easy Riddle garden sieve folded flat

A traditional Riddle requires side to side shaking action that is a strain on the back and arms.  It is relatively heavy and has shallow sides so that the soil easily spills out.  The Easy riddle requires a gentle up and down rolling action which makes it far easier to use with less strain on the back.  It is lightweight with deep sides making for much tidier sieving too.



It is also much easier to store as it folds flat so maximises the room in your shed.  

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See it in action: To see it in action head over to our YouTube Channel  Easy Riddle 

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