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  • 10 Tips for Sustainable Gardening

    10 Tips for Sustainable Gardening

    What is sustainable gardening - it is a combination of organic gardening methods which preserve natural resources and reduce waste where possible to reduce our impact on earth.

  • Haxnicks gardening tips and tricks How to make your own seed compost

    5 Ingredients for Home Made Seed Compost

    Hello Gardeners, I have some advice for saving money and making your own seed compost. Making any kind of compost does of course require advance preparation, and I am beginning from the assumption that you already have, or have access to, some mature compost. If you don’t then perhaps you might be inspired to get some going for next year. Haxnicks have already considered those of you who may not have space for a full scale composting area in your garden

  • haxnicks- gardening tips- how to make leaf mould- how to make compost- easy free compost- leaves composting

    Grow at Home: Making leaf mould (or free compost!)

    Leaf mould compost is also known as Gardeners Gold and is an amazing soil conditioner. It is that glorious stuff you find on forest floors created from all the decaying leaves. The good news is that you can make leaf mould at home.  Find why this should be part of your autumn gardening and how to do it in this step by step guide to making leaf mould...

  • Garden bonfire filling whole frame

    Bonfires and the law: what are the rules?

    Its that time of year when the garden needs a good tidy.  The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees.  Plus most summer vegetable have been harvested and its time to dispose of the plants. So should you compost your garden waste or could you have a bonfire to dispose of it?

  • Haxnicks- Pippa Greenwood gardening tips for December- expert advice- gardening in December

    Pippa Greenwood: Haxnicks Gardening Tips for December

    So already time for my gardening tips for December! Let's start with leaves. 

  • haxnicks-rollmix-composter-how-to-make-compost-sustainable-compost

    5 Top tips for making peat free compost at home

    Compost for Beginners A major positive to come out of the global pandemic is that peop...