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Tagged: The Potty Gardener

  • Haxnicks Rootrainers with sweet peas showing healthy roots

    3 Easy Steps to Stop Sweet Peas being eaten by Mice

    If you have ever wondered "whats eating my sweet pea seedlings?" then the answer is probably mice.  Mice like cheese but mice LOVE sweet peas and peas too!  Sweet peas in the greenhouse are vulnerable to mouse attack so here are the three ways I prevent sweet pea seedlings from becoming a rodent dinner

  • best way to grow beans in pots containers and planters

    The Potty gardener Growing Beans in Pots

    Since discovering the secret to growing fabulous beans in pots I have been impatient to put it to the test. Veg growers might not normally consider growing runner beans in pots, but these are not normal pots and, as you may have noticed, I am not a normal veg grower. I am some way off reaching the giant at the top, but the beans are certainly racing up and I can’t help but mutter fee-fi-fo-fum whilst tending to these lean, mean, fast-growing beans.

  • The Potty Gardener gardening blog how to keep rabbits out of your garden

    The Non Return of the Easter Bunny!

    Growing veg in pots and planters means that juicy crops may be harder to reach for the rabbits, but those of you with a ground level vegetable patch have a harder task.

  • Haxnicks gardening tips and tricks Sunbubble portable greenhouse growing space

    Grandpa Haxnicks tells of Adventures in a Sunbubble

    A Haxnicks Sunbubble was originally designed as an instant pop-up greenhouse, but we had not envisaged that it might become so much more than that. Some of you have been extremely creative with your Sunbubbles and I wanted to share your inspiration.

  • Potty gardener and how to protect plants from rabbits

    The Potty Gardener & Easter Bunnies

    For me, growing in pots and planters makes it less tempting and trickier for rabbits to nibble at any new plantings and soft growth, but for those of you growing in rows it may be a different story. Those early bean and pea shoots that may be popping up soon are at particular risk of becoming a bunny salad. So unless you have a rabbit proof fence surrounding your veg plot then some Bell Cloches or an Easy Tunnel pegged over the plants should keep the naughty nibblers at bay and keep the plants cosy and moist too.

  • Spring gardening in the Sunbubble pop up greenhouse

    The Potty Gardener Skips Into Her Sunbubble

    Some very exciting news…this weekend the Sun came out, and so did my brand new Sunbubble! Unfortunately it is now drizzling with rain again, but whatever endorphins were released whilst soaking up the sun in my Sunbubble are still coursing through my veins resulting in a Spring-like enthusiasm for the gardening year ahead.