Beetroot Brownie The Easy Way

The beetroot is being harvested now and if you have done all the pickling you think you will need for the winter, maybe this Beetroot Brownie recipe will give you another option. The beetroot adds a delicious moistness to the brownie. Give it a go - you might surprise yourself. Pop a few in a natural fibre jute Veg Sack and you can keep the beetroot fresh and make this recipe for a few weeks. Ingredients


500g grated beetroot

150g dark chocolate in small pieces

100g butter

200g soft brown sugar

3 eggs

100g plain flour


1. Turn oven on to 180?.

2. Wearing washing up gloves, grate the beetroot. Put into a pan with 1/2cm (1/4") water in the bottom, cook for 5 minutes until tender. Once its cooked drain it well.

3. Put in the liquidiser while still hot. Add the dark chocolate and the butter, it should melt as whizzing.

4. Add the sugar, eggs and flour and whiz for a minute until it is all mixed up.

5. Pour into a flat buttered tin/dish.

6. Bake in the oven for approximately 20-30 minutes until it feels spongy to touch. Let it cool in the tin.

7. Serve either as a pudding with some ice cream or as a teatime treat.

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