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How to Freeze Home Grown Rhubarb

Written by Sarah Talbot

Rhubarb leaf grown from a rhubarb crown

If the amount of rhubarb you have grown becomes overwhelming then you may choose to freeze some.  

You may wonder if you need to blanch rhubarb before freezing, but in fact you can freeze rhubarb raw, blanched or fully cooked. You should note that rhubarb will break down as it defrosts though.  So if you want to make a fancy French fruit tart with neat lengths of rhubarb then best to do it with fresh and save the frozen for crumbles, smoothies, pies and jams,  Also avoid using frozen rhubarb in cakes too, as the excess moisture will ruin the texture and make them soggy.

How to freeze rhubarb raw

Blanched rhubarb stalks

Choose crisp, firm stalks for this method.

  1. Trim the rhubarb of stringy bits and cut into short even lengths.  For fat stalks cut them lengthways too so the batch all freezes evenly.
  2. Spread your cut pieces in a single layer on trays lined with baking parchment and place in the freezer uncovered. OR If you aren't worried about the fruit all sticking together then skip this step and freeze directly into bags weighed out to roughly what you need for a recipe.
  3. If you are freezing on trays don't forget about them!  Rhubarb should take 1 to 2 hours to freeze.  Once frozen, put the pieces into containers or bags. Use within three months.

How to freeze blanched rhubarb

Cut rhubarb
To blanch your rhubarb bring a pot of water to a boil, add the rhubarb, and cook for 60 seconds. Scoop the slices out with a slotted spoon and put them into a bowl with ice water. 
  1. To then freeze it, drain well and spread out on a clean tea towel to dry.
  2. Then follow instructions above.  Use within 3 to 6 months.


How to freeze cooked rhubarb

Cut rhubarb with sugar

If you intend to use it in crumbles and pie then the easiest thing to do is to cook it first before freezing.  You may also want to do this with late season rhubarb as it becomes tougher as the season goes on.  

  1. Put the rhubarb into a pan with a little water (orange juice also works).  If you want sugar you can add it at this stage so it is ready to go when it defrost. 15-30g sugar per 100g rhubarb is a good starting point.
  2. Simmer until it is completely tender. Cool completely, then freeze in weighed out portions in containers or bags.

Check this for some secrets to growing rhubarb yourself at home.  And, if you found this helpful do leave us a little comment below - enjoy your rhubarb glut!



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