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Tagged: Spring Planting

  • Marigolds great for companion planting - learn how to do companion planting

    5 Top Tips For Garden Companion Planting

    Companion planting is where two or more crops are grown together for the benefit of one, or all. It is a must for organic gardeners or anyone who wants to use less chemicals to keep their crops pest free.  The most successful combinations mirror nature. Read on to see how companion planting can help you plan a successful and productive garden.

  • How to grow Broad Beans of fava beans in the Garden

    How to grow Broad Beans of fava beans in the Garden

    Broad beans, or Fava beans as they are called in the USA, are a very popular bean.  Aro...

  • How to Grow Blueberries in Pots in the UK

    How to Grow Blueberries in Pots in the UK

    Imagine having fresh blueberries in your garden.  This handy guide to growing  blueberries in containers will help you start your blueberry growing journey.  So whether you want to pick up a bare root plant, grow blueberries from seed or have a friend who will give you a cutting read on to find out the best way to grow blueberries in the UK.

  • Choosing the Right Rootrainer

    Choosing the Right Rootrainer

    What are Rootrainers? Rootrainers are planting cells that have been used by professiona...

  • haxnicks- how to grow spinach-grow at home- easy spinach growing

    The best way to grow Spinach

    Spinach is easy to grow in containers or in the garden.  Read on to find out how to grow spinach from seed whatever your garden set up.

  • haxnicks- grow at home- how to grow turnips- turnip growing tips

    How to Grow Turnips from seed (plus are they the same as swedes?)

    Turnips are an easy to grow crop to grow at home. And if you've been put off by the ...