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Pumpkin Beth Tomato trial -proof Vigoroot triumphs

Written by Sarah Talbot

Vigoroot Pots: Tomato Trial


Horticulturist and garden writer Pumpkin Beth recently completed a Tomato Trial. It found that the Vigoroot Potato/ Tomato Planter out-performs ordinary plastic pots when growing 12 out of the 15 tomato varieties tested. The average yield was 30% higher in Vigoroot than in normal plastic pots.

Trial Method

All pots used the same Dalefoot compost. All plants received the same amount of water throughout the trial. Due to its porous nature Vigoroot pots actually require more water than plastic pots. However, since it was necessary to maintain standard conditions across the trial this was not possible. As a result, the plants in the Haxnicks pots were slightly underwatered. This was noticeable during the trial and subsequently the yield was lower than it could have been. In order to test the true capability of Vigoroot the pack instructions would need to be followed fully so the plants were given sufficient water. 

Growing Problems

Blossom End Rot or Splitting damaged some of the fruit. The yield figures did not include this fruit. However, the plants in the Vigoroot Pots suffered far less than those the plastic pots.


Many people are short of growing space either because they don’t have a garden or because they allocate the space they have to other uses. For these people, growing in containers is a simple and effective solution. The 30% higher yield from Vigoroot Tomato / Potato planters is a remarkable result. Especially as the design of the trial did not allow them to be used to their full potential. As well as the simplicity and ease of use of Vigoroot pots and planters, it is evident that they also produce excellent results. Published with kind permission of Pumpkin Beth. Website

For the complete trial information please see the full report here:



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