April is a busy time of year for growing vegetables in the UK with lots of seeds, sown earlier in the year, now needing to be transplanted and others to be started off indoors to be planted out a bit later. So, read on for what to plant in April...

Vegetables to be sown directly in April

Sow leeks any time this month if you will be growing the plants in an unheated greenhouse and wait until mid to late April if you’re growing outdoor varieties. To establish good and strong root systems on your seedlings use Rootrainers.

Sprouts can be sown now under cloches or an easy tunnel. They’re a slow growing vegetable which take around 26 to 31 weeks to reach maturity. Sprouts are hardy and can grow in almost any area where the soil is very fertile. 

Peas and carrots can be sown direct now or in planters.

Now is the time for planting potatoes, as well as onions sets, shallots and Jerusalem artichokes.

Salads are perfect to plant in April and also radishes which are super easy to grow and a great way of planting between crops to prevent weeds from taking over any gaps.

Beetroot is another super easy crop to grow any fertile and well-drained soil

Vegetables to be sown indoors or undercover in April

This month is the last opportunity to start aubergines, chillies, and tomatoes. They will benefit for being stored in a heated green house or heated

propagator to speed up the germination process.

Tender crops like sweetcorn and courgettes can be sown now but will need to be kept under cover with cloches or in either a greenhouse or sunny windowsill.

Marrows, squashescucumbers and pumpkins can be sown now under a poly tunnel to protect from frost and harsh weather.

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