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5 Simple but decorative plant support ideas

Written by Sarah Talbot

We have lots of great elegant plant support options to inspire you.  They are all easy to use and will not only help you tame and support your climbing plants but add a touch of professional style to your garden.

Decorative Climbing Plant Supports


1) Cane Rings

Cane Rings are such a simple idea, but will do wonders for your unruly climbers whether they are in a pot or in the ground.

The 2 rings will hold 6 bamboo canes top and bottom in a circular shape. It makes a sculpture from your climbing sweet pea, bean or pea plants.

An ideal support for container gardening.  

What plants work with your Cane rings?

You can use Cane Rings for vegetable crops like climbing beans and peas.  You can also use it for climbing flowers.  Sweet peas work particularly well and will attract pollinators to your vegetable patch too. But passion flowers, honeysuckle and clematis will create a decorative flower display too.   

2) Garden Maypole

Haxnicks garden maypole plant support a decorative garden arch for sweet peas

The Haxnicks Garden Maypole creates a beautiful living maypole in your garden. Plant your choice of climbers - like sweet peas, clematis or runner beans - at the foot each of the eight strings and watch them grow!

Versatile and elegant, these black powder-coated steel Garden Maypoles look amazing and makes picking your flowers simple. Or consider the Parasol Plant Support to add height to your planting scheme. 


3) Fold-A-Frame

Fold a Frame is an elegant and amazingly versatile support frame that can be used in any sized garden.  

It will support your tomatoes, peas, beans or other climbers. Fold a Frame will stop tomatoes collapsing under their own weight and make accessing fruit and vegetables easier.

You can also use it to create a dividing curtain of flowers between different areas of the garden. The possibilities are endless.      

4) Architectural Frames

This is where the big guns come out!  Choose from the Eiffel Tower, The London Eye (shown) or even the iconic Big Ben to really make a statement.  These will accommodate the climbers mentioned above but are also suitable for heavier crops like squashes and pumpkins.  

Haxnicks London Eye decorative plant support frame for growing climbing vegetables and flowers such as sweet peas

So we hope this has inspired you with some gardening ideas.  Whatever climbers you have we can help tame them into an impressive display.

So when you are planning your planting this Spring why not plan for Haxnicks to help? You can add some elegance and a touch of professional style to your climbers. 

 5) Steel Pea and Bean Frame

The Pea and Bean Frame is the perfect support for your vegetable or flower garden.  Use the whole thing to support climbing vegetable plants or cover one side in sweet peas to attract pollinators to the veg plants on the other side.    

As you can see there is a big choice of different plant supports to consider. So instead of just reaching for bamboo canes, why not go for something that is both functional and add a little pizzazz to your planting?   




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