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December Garden Checklist: what to do in the garden in December

December Garden Checklist: what to do in the garden in December

Gardening through winter can seem like a daunting prospect but any sunny days can be great opportunities to catch up on jobs in the garden. We have put together an...
Nicola Wallis
Garden bonfire filling whole frame

Bonfires and the law: what are the rules?

Its that time of year when the garden needs a good tidy.  The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees.  Plus most summer vegetable have been harvested and its...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks digging spade in the soil

Get your Garden Winter Ready - 5 Ways to Protect your Soil

So, your harvest is in and your gardening is done for the year.  You are ready to sit back and relax until it all starts again in Spring.  But hold...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks gardening tips growing veg seed germination

Tips and Tricks: Seed Germination the basics

Gardening tips and tricks: seed growing. Want improve your seed germination success rate? Learn about the Germination Triangle and how to balance it to get a higher germination rate when...
Sarah Talbot
Child planting in the garden homeschooling ideas for Lockdown 3

Lockdown 3 homeschooling – Kids Winter Gardening

Lockdown 1 'created' 3 million new gardeners.  And if there is one positive of this whole situation this, and the chance to take time and grow things as a family...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks gardening tips and tricks the best way to grow basil herbs in containers, pots or the garden

Grow at Home: Basil in containers or in the ground

Growing Basil is simple and easy to do.  Just a single carefully nurtured plant will supply you with a good handful of basil each week. You can add it to any...
Sarah Talbot
haxnicks- grow at home- winter Vegetable planting- what plants to grow in winter

Winter Vegetable Garden - how and when to plant winter veg

Now the main growing season is nearly over I'm sure you - especially if you are new to veg growing - are wondering what to plant now. Well, winter veg...
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Winter Gardening: How to keep Kids in the Garden

Kids Gardening So you have taken advantage of Lockdown to grow things as a family. Your kids have been watching their sunflowers tower above them and stealing cherry tomatoes and...
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haxnicks- how to grow soft fruits currants- currant growing guide- growing berries- red currants - how to grow currants easily

Grow at Home: Soft Fruits and perfect Currants

Growing Currants If you’ve got enough space to dedicate an area to growing soft fruit it is always worth growing currants. Black, Red and White varieties are all easy to...
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haxnicks- how to grow carrots guide- grow at home- carrot growing tips

How to grow carrots from seed - vegetable gardening

There are few vegetables that taste better when they are home grown than carrots. Freshly pulled, sweet and full of favour compared to what can be bland and watery 'shop...
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grow at home Cauliflower, how to grow purple cauliflower

Grow at Home: how to grow perfect Cauliflower

Cauliflower - find out how to succesfully grow Cauliflowers. Trickier than they may seem, learn the tips & tricks you need to get a great crop.
Sarah Talbot
how to grow melons, gala, honeydew, watermelons

Grow at Home: the best way to grow Melons

Melons are popular with gardeners who have plenty of space to accommodate the spreading vines under glass. A greenhouse or cold frame are needed in cooler climates but in warmer...
Sarah Talbot