Even in the depth of winter it is possible to keep growing and sowing. December is a surprisingly good time to plant vegetables both outside and in.

Sowing in December enables you to extend your growing season, gives you a head start before spring and prevents a loss of nutrients in soil as the roots hold it together. The added benefit of winter sowing is that you’ll get a much better succession of harvests later on, compared to those from spring sowings.

Shorter daylight hours can be overcome with a grow lamp and cooler temperatures with a heated propagator. Pre-warm soil beneath cloches or fleece blankets and plant out broad beans directly into the ground.

Herbs can be grown in biodegradable bamboo pots and placed on a window sill with plenty of daylight. Microgreens can be sown into a bamboo seed tray and placed on a warm, sunny (ideally south facing) windowsill in direct sunlight. The seeds should be ready in two weeks and you can cut and eat when required, leaving the rest to continue growing.

Onion seeds are a crop you can plant in December.  They can be planted in pots either indoor or under cover ready to plant out in spring.

December is a great time to sow salad leaves or winter greens such as mustard greens, mizuna, corn salad, lambs lettuce and 'Winter Gem' lettuce. They can be grown outside in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.

And last but not least its time to plant bare root trees.  Trees are dormant over winter so it is the perfect time to add a tree to your garden. Find out all you need to know here  What is Bare Root planting? Or if it is fruit trees you are interested then how about Cherry Trees or Apple Trees to start you off?

Enjoy whatever you plant in December. To see what to plant in January look here January Planting.