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Grow at Home parsnips - how to grow perfect parsnips

How to grow Perfect Parsnips

Parsnips are a good vegetable for the gardening beginners as they require very little work and are easy to grow. Read on for full growing instructions.
Vicky Standing
the best way to grow chillies

Grow at Home - the best way to grow Chilli Peppers

We’ve enjoyed a bumper crop of chilli peppers this year and have dried and stored the harvest to use in oils, sauces and recipes throughout the year. If you’ve never grown...
Vicky Standing
Haxnicks Gardening tips how to grow leeks the best way

Grow at Home: How to Grow your own Leeks

What are they? Leeks, which are famous as the Welsh national emblem, are related to the onion but easier to grow. They are a must for vegetable growing as their...
Sarah Talbot
how to choose apple trees, growing apples

How to Choose & Look After Your Apple Trees

I have noticed that we get the most amazing apples from our two apple trees. This is because they are two trees of the same type; they blossom at the...
Sarah Talbot
Sunbubble pop up greenhouse the ideal plant house cold frame or relaxation space

Here comes Haxnicks Sunbubble!

The Sunbubble growing space - the ultimate movable 'greenhouse'. Hello Gardeners, I have some more exciting news from Haxnicks for you. Here on our website and coming soon to a garden...
Grandpa Haxnicks
Haxnicks-potato_container_planters- get chitting ready for planting your seed potatoes- how to grow potatoes- potato planters with spuds

How to chit and plant seed potatoes

When can I buy seed potatoes? If you have a small or urban garden get yourself some seed potatoes. Potatoes are the perfect veg to grow in a small space....
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