Even though February is one of the last months in winter it can often be the coldest with lots of rain and frost. So, what to plant in February?

Sowing indoors in February

Vigoroot potato planter

If you haven’t already done so by now, you can still chit seed potatoes on a windowsill or unheated greenhouse. To learn more check out this blog  A step by step Guide to Growing Potatoes in Containers  

Peas, tomato, and cucumber seeds can also be sown towards the end of the month and kept in a greenhouse or windowsill. 

Aubergine, chilli plants and peppers can still be sown this month in Rootrainers and placed on a windowsill.

Some gardeners direct sow their broad beans and parsnips towards the end of this month but it may be best to keep them under cover until temperatures start to

increase next month. Those living in milder parts can sow spring onion, carrots, beetroot, peas, salad, spinach and summer cabbages under cloches or a poly tunnel. Soil needs to be light, sandy, and not waterlogged, otherwise it is best to wait another month or so or sow undercover in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Direct sowing in February

Shallots and Jerusalem artichoke tubers are good to plant in February, if the ground isn’t frozen, but they will need to be protected from harsh weather either under cloches or a poly tunnel.

Depending upon your location garlic can also be planted out towards the end of this month.

Enjoy your February planting and for what to plant in March check this out March Planting.


Nicola Wallis