What is Soft Tie :


Soft Tie is a reusable, soft, strong plant tie for a multitude of garden uses. It comes in two widths; Original and Slim. Original - designed for use with the thinner, more delicate stems of climbing annuals, young vegetables and shrubs, tall perennials and houseplants Slim Soft Tie - superior cushioning and strength and is the perfect choice for tying up plants that are heavily-laden with growing crops, or for tying up the thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes.

What crop is it for:

It can be used for everything from fruit and veg to flowers and trees. Supporting young trees: the ideal size to support branches it cushions rather than strangles. Supporting fruiting trees : particularly useful for heavily laden branches it has the strength to hold the weight, and the gentleness to not cut into the bark. Training the new growth of climbers and ramblers from Roses to Runner Beans : Starting with a small loop that encircles the shoot, but does not constrict it in any way, the ends can be firmly tied around the frame or support. The tie will now be immoveable, but the shoot will be able to grow through the loop without being impeded. Tall plants : Delphiniums, Gladioli, Sunflowers, Hollyhocks and Foxgloves need to be able to bend with the wind, but when tied to canes they can chop themselves off at the tying point. Soft-Tie’s hard wire core allows it to be bent into a ring that is large enough to let the plant wave about in the wind, but the soft sleeve stops the wire bruising or cutting the stem.

Where can I use it:

It can be used in all manner of ways, not just to support plants. Keeping electric cables tidy, hanging pots, tying canes, emergency bicycle clips, temporarily securing drain pipes. The list is endless! Soft-Tie™ is easy to secure with a simple twist. No knot knowledge required! And can be cut with a sturdy pair of scissors.

What's so special about it?


Soft-Tie™ can do any job that garden twine or string can but with greater strength, more gently and it can be used again and again. Unlike copy-cat versions Haxnicks Soft-Tie™ is made from superior quality materials which last longer and perform better. The steel wire is galvanised so it won’t rust and it is thicker than competitor versions making it stronger. The rubber coating is UV stabilised. It is also made to a specific formula which makes it just the right squidgyness !

Find out more:

See it in action: To see it in action head over to our YouTube channel here for an amusing video sure to inspire! Soft Tie Related Blogs: Read about it in use Introducing Soft Tie Buy it Now: Original For thinner, more delicate stems of climbing annuals, young vegetables and shrubs,. Also for tall perennials and houseplants. Original Soft tie or Woody Original Soft Tie Slim Soft Tie Stronger for heavily-laden plants with growing crops. Or for tying thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes. Slim Soft tie or Woody Slim Soft Tie