What are Easy Seedling Tunnels:

Putting out a Haxnicks easy Seedling Tunnel.

Easy Seedling Tunnels are mini growing tunnels for starting off seeds which;

  • Lock in moisture
  • Protect from harsh weather and pests
  • Warm the soil ready for sowing
  • Provide a cosy moist microclimate for germination and rapid seedling growth

Easy Seedling Tunnels come in a pack of 3 and are made from tough U.V. stabilised polythene and galvanised steel hoops. They are an inexpensive way to maximise sowing success. Seeds are far more likely to germinate and grow healthily in a warm, moist environment protected from birds, and other pests. For those without a greenhouse or a spare windowsill to propagate seeds, the garden soil can be warmed using the tunnels. This enables earlier sowing giving a longer growing season.

What crop are they for:

They are one of the most versatile bits of kit in the garden and can be used for virtually any seedlings. So everythinng from your veg seeds to your border plants will thrive in the Easy Seedling tunnels.

Where can I use them:

They are suitable to use all over the garden. Simply push into the soil where required. 

What's so special about it?

One of the advantages of these particular tunnels is that they do not need ground pegs. As with all Haxnicks tunnels, peg the steel hoops straight into the ground to keep the tunnel firmly in place. Another major advantage is that after use the tunnels fold up neatly for storage. It you keep the original packaging then you can just fold them flat and hang on a nail in the shed until they are needed again next season. Then they can be reused again and again.

Find out more:

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