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Jobs for the beginning of Spring

Written by Tildenet Marketing

Is the 21st March the Official First Day of Spring?

Jobs for Spring with Haxnicks

Spring is definitely here, the daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are in full flow. The smell of freshly cut lawn is telling us to do the same and it is dry enough to do so. So out we must go. Job list 1. Put manure on the vegetable patch if you haven’t already done so. Put manure onto the bases of your young trees. Don’t forget that the manure must have be well rotted. 2. If you have a fig tree now is the time to prune it. The fruit for this year at the moment are little pea sized things so don’t cut the branches off that have these on. Cut any dead, damaged or diseased branches. Cut any shoots that are coming from the base of the tree. 3. Carry on sowing seeds, this goes on for months, I sow about 3-4 packets a week at the moment. Seed trays and rootrainers are all over the windowsills of my house and in the greenhouse. In about another months time I shall be able to start planting things straight out into the garden. This can be done earlier if you have tunnels or some sort of frost protection. 4. Some plants such as the tomatoes can already be moved from their seed trays into individual pots, this will enable them to grow bigger sooner. ‘Move them on’ At the moment it is all a question of juggling space until it gets warmer and the last of the frosts have been. Remember to 'subscribe' to the blog if you want to stay up to date with Madeleine's gardening tips.



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