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Haxnicks-growing brassicas from seeds- brassica propagation seedlings in Rootrainers

Growing Brassicas From Seeds

Growing brassicasCabbages, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are all varieties of the same species of Brassica oleracea which is native to the Mediterranean. Brassicas thrive on transplanting and...
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Haxnicks-how to grow leeks- Rootrainer

Growing Leeks - The Haxnicks Way

Growing Leeks The leek is an unique vegetable which belongs to the allium family and is also a relative of the onion. Growing leeks is often overlooked when planting as...
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Haxnicks- tomato growing guide- tomato growing information- tomato patio planter climbing

Growing Tomatoes - Make it a New Year Resolution

The snow is fresh and the climate unseasonably cold. We should be promoting Frost protection and ideas to keep your plants and seedlings warm... But let's look at growing tomatoes...
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Haxnicks-Growing cuttings guide- Rootrainer opened

Growing Cuttings to produce plants for free!

Rootrainers – Perfect for Cuttings Almost anything can be grown from a cutting. It is also an easy and cheap way to obtain more plants. It is also an excellent...
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Haxnicks- Compact Rootrainers-container gardening- easy propagation

Container Gardening with Compact Rapid Rootrainers

Herbs All The Year Round! Herbs are really so easy to grow. As a bonus, picked fresh they add an extra special zest to food that can't be achieved with...
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natural jute sacks the best way to store potatoes, carrots, beetroot and other root veg

Storing home grown vegetables Naturally

Successfully growing your own vegetables is only half the story. The challenge is then to harvesting and storing home grown vegetables so nothing goes to waste. Haxnicks has produced a...
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