Successfully growing your own vegetables is only half the story. The challenge is then to harvesting and storing home grown vegetables so nothing goes to waste. Haxnicks has produced a new storage sack designed to make it easy for root vegetables. The Vegetable Sack is part of Haxnick’s Jute Naturally™ range of fully biodegradable products. The material used is jute. You may see it called hessian, or burlap in the USA. It is a material that has been around for along time but is only now rising in popularity again due to the trend for not using plastic. The first jute mill was established at Rishra, near Calcutta in 1855 when Mr. George Acland brought jute spinning machinery from Scotland. Four years later, the first power driven weaving factory was set up. By 1869, five mills were operating with 950 looms. Out Vegetable Sack's measurements are 70cm (2ft 3in) by 40cm (1ft 4in). So it is large enough for a fairly hefty crop of root veg. The names of the vegetables suitable for storing in this way – potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, swedes, beetroot - are printed on the bag for decoration. A couple of twine ties are attached to the top of the sack, so it can be easily secured to keep your vegetables safe and sound. The woven jute allows the free passage of air, preventing condensation, so crops are kept cool and dry. Vegetable Sacks are available online or from all good garden centres and selected gardening mail order catalogues.

Let us know how you get on storing home grown vegetables.  

Grandpa Haxnicks