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Thanks! (not sure the pigeons agree re Easy Tunnels!)

Written by Sarah Talbot



It's nice to wake up to a compliment, isn't it? So this morning I was really pleased to read that someone's plants were on the road to growing happy and healthy due to the Haxnicks Easy Tunnels. And even better they had taken these great pictures of the Easy Tunnels in action. Iwona and Neil , the inhabitants of "The Wonky shed at Number 13" dreamt of sauerkraut last year and planted accordingly. Returning to the plot several days later, they found that slugs, snails and an unexpected flock of pigeons had visited. It cost them their cauliflowers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kalettes, and their many different cabbages. (This family clearly really love their veg!)

They say "We decided to get some netting and on the plot next to us there was this mesh tunnel from @haxnicks that we really liked. We did some research and got one for ourselves and we grew a few more cabbages under it. The tunnel proved really great for pest control and so we got a few more for this season. " They have used these - ever ambitious - to plant Chinese cabbage, pak choi, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and little gem lettuce.

The Tunnel

The tunnel they chose was the Haxnicks - Easy Micromesh Tunnel which has ultra fine 0.6mm mesh which keeps out even tiny aphids and carrot flies and is ideal for your brassicas. Next year maybe they will add a Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel to warm the soil so they can plant earlier and lengthen the growing season to grow even more veg. They could get up to an extra 6 weeks growing time with this tunnel. Thanks for the feedback! We love to hear how you are using our products. So please tag us in your Social Media posts and tell us how much you love the products. Maybe you will make a star appearance on our blog too!



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