New Products 2019/20. In preparation for the new season Haxnicks are launching some new products to make life in the garden that little bit greener in more ways than one. The first of these builds on our use of natural materials by adding to our bamboo range.

Bamboo pots


The range of biodegradable bamboo pots was incredibly well received last year so we have added 3 new pot sizes - 3" pot, 4" Pot and 8" Pot to help make your greenhouse plastic free, We have also added two new saucer sizes 3" Saucer (for use with both the 3" and 4" pot) and 8" Saucer. Like the 5" and 6" pots and saucers and seed tray launched last year, the new sizes come in sage green or terracotta colour and still have the same 5+ years life and are compostable after use.

Bamboo Plant Markers & Scoop

Continuing the theme we have added a Bamboo Scoop and Bamboo Plant Markers to the range. They are every day gardening necessities but with the increasing demand for non plastics they will add a new choice for gardeners. The scoop is a good generous size and the plant markers are easy to write on so they will both work hard for you in the garden.

Microgreens Mats


Continuing our use of natural materials we are introducing a Microgreens Growing mat. Made from natural coir, the mats are designed to fit neatly into the Haxnicks Bamboo Seed Tray. This gives you a plastic free way of growing these highly nutritious micro-crops. They can also be cut to size to fit other trays so are very versatile. Perfect for the urban gardener or anyone who would like to grow their own food. and isn't sure where to start. 

Green Fern Fleece


The final product are a stylish addition to our Easy Fleece Jackets range. The Green Fern Fleece Jackets are made of the same thick fleece as the current range but offer a natural leafy design that blends into your garden. They come in Small (Pack of 4), Medium (Pack of 3) or Large (Pack of 2) so you can protect tender plants whatever their size. Simply slip them over your plant and pull the draw string to keep harsh weather at bay. You can even double them up and add a second fleece if the forecast is really bad.


All of the New Products 2019/20 are on the website so that you can learn more about them. You can also register here to be the first to know when they go on sale. Bamboo Pots, Plant Markers and Scoop. These will be available to buy in garden centres and online in early to mid November. Microgreens mats and Green Fern Fleece. These will be available to buy in garden centres and online in early to mid December.

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