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USA goes wild for Haxnicks Micromesh Tunnels

Written by Sarah Talbot

The Easiest Plant Protection Tunnels

Haxnicks Easy Micromesh Tunnels have had a busy old weekend on Social Media! Welcome all out new American Followers!    

Haxnicks Easy Tunnels Micromesh plant protection over tulips

Jenny @TheWittyFarmer on Twitter has used 17 of our Micromesh Tunnels to cover her tulips. The squirrels, rabbits, racoons and deer are reported to be very displeased that she has stopped them reaching the buffet! Once the bulbs have established and become robust enough that they can't be pulled up easily she will remove the Tunnels and use them as plant protection for her other crops. 

She says: "These seriously are the best things. I only had two, just to try them, & ended up getting 15 more simply because of the ease in setting them up, & the quality. The fact that I am able to use them again, for multiple crop plots, makes them worth it. Thank you for making a great product for us farmers!"

Over on Instagram Gardenary, Inc. have been using Easy Tunnels to cover raised beds - see below. 

These tunnels are being used for protection from rather smaller pests The ultra fine 0.6mm insect netting is small enough to stop aphids and tiny carrot flies as well as egg laying butterflies so the crops in these will be safe from attack.   

Easy Tunnels Plant Protection Range

There is actually a whole range of these fantastic plant protection tunnels.  The Easy Tunnels come in 2 sizes - standard and Giant and the range includes: -

All of them have the hoops integrated into the design so that you can concertina them out over your crops for instant protection.  Once the season is over simply fold back up and store in their original packaging, 

Once, again welcome and I do hope you enjoy using the Haxnicks Easy Tunnels range. And check out this Tierra Garden link to see the rest of the Haxnicks products available in the USA.



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