I know you have been waiting so here are our New Gardening Products 2021

Lets start with something sustainable:

Hemp pots  

haxnicks sustainable hemp planters

Haxnicks new range of hemp pots is made from sustainable hemp fibre and stitched with cotton. They are plastic-free and fully biodegradable and home compostable after use.

Hemp is purported to be the strongest natural fiber in the world and is one of the
fastest growing plants making it truly sustainable.  It was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fibre 50,000 years ago but had fallen out of favour due to the rise of plastics. The pots offer excellent drainage and allow oxygen to reach the roots which is hugely beneficial to the plants.

Good for both the garden and greenhouse they can even be planted into the ground to grow there without disturbing the roots. They biodegrade leaving no residue if buried.  

Compact Grower Frame

The Grower system has long been a staple for gardeners with no greenhouse.  The Compact Grower Frame adds to this range and is ideal if you have less space or are just beginning your gardening journey.  Like its larger companion, the compact Grower System is an inexpensive way to gain the space they need to start gardening earlier in the year. You can use it to raise seedlings and cuttings, grow young plants from plugs.

The Grower Frame is made from tubular, black powder-coated, steel rods which slot together to make a sturdy, rust-resistant frame. It can be easily assembled to form a 1.5m x1m, sturdy framework to support the included cover.  

The Grower Weather protection Cover is made from heavy-duty, clear polythene for robust, weather and pest protection and an enhanced growing environment, promoting quicker growth by retaining warmth and  humidity.  The cover fits snugly over the Grower Frame and has four large side zips for easy access.  Ventilation is controlled using the insect-proof ventilation flaps at either end.

We have two more products bobbing their way towards us and will update you on those as soon as they arrive.  
New Gardening Products 2021


Sarah Talbot
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