Haxnicks Bamboo Scoop

A garden scoop is one of the most useful things to have in the garden. Yet, many gardeners get by without one. They scoop compost out with a whatever is to hand. A handy trowel maybe? It works but as it has no sides it holds very little it makes pot filling much longer than it could be. The alternative is to pick up the bag of compost and tip it. Cue compost all over the floor and an aching back at home time! So, i say even though you can get by without a garden scoop make 2020 the year you treat yourself to a Bamboo Scoop! The new Haxnicks Bamboo scoop is made from the same tough material as the Bamboo pots. If treated nicely (don't leave it down the side of the shed in the rain all winter!) It will last 5 years +. After use it is fully compostable. Just break into pieces to speed the process and add to your compost heap. See exactly how, and learn more about the material in this video. If you have a trusty plastic one then do keep using it until it gives up the ghost. But when it comes to replacing it, the more sustainable Haxnicks Bamboo scoop is the way to go.

Bamboo Plant Markers


Another first from Haxnicks. The first sustainable Bamboo Plant Markers. Their purpose needs no explanation but I'd just add they are compostable just like the rest of the Bamboo range and free of BPAs and petroleum based plastics. And they will help you remember where you planted your carrots. Because, lets face it, although you are 'sure' you will remember - if you are like me, you never will!

Sarah Talbot
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We have been gardening for many years! A machete – that’s a useful bit of kit! My favourite is Rootrainers have you tried them?

— Haxnicks

Hey Sarah, I just read your article. You shared a great informative article & explanation of gardening tools. How long have you been gardening? I love gardening & gardening tools. My favourite gardening tool is the machete.

— Paul George