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Pick up leaves the easy way this autumn!

Written by Nicola Wallis

This Autumn pick up leaves the easy way with Haxnicks Leaf Picker: an exciting, new, fast and efficient approach to leaf collection, incorporating an original and ingenious easy pick-up and discard mechanism. No bending so no sore back at the end of the day.

What is a Haxnicks Leaf Picker?

The Haxnicks Leaf Picker is a new fast and efficient way to tackle the task of leaf collection in your garden. It has a clever pick up and discard mechanism which, is easy to use by simply spiking up the leaves. 

When full the instant release mechanism, below the handle, is pressed so that the leaves are pushed off the collection spikes straight into your wheelbarrow, garden waste or compost bin. 

Where can I use the Leaf Picker?

Leaf Picker can be used anywhere in the garden to pick up leaves and its’ accuracy makes it particularly good for clearing between border plants with minimal risk of damage to plants and their roots. It is also great keeping lawns paths and gravel driveways leaf free.

What’s so special about this garden tool?

For many tasks Leaf Picker requires little effort is more effective and accurate than a rake. Leaf Picker is also quicker, cleaner, and more fun than raking. Its’ ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easier and more comfortable to use meaning there will be one less back and arm breaking task in the garden this autumn. Using Leaf Picker is so easy and satisfying that you will want to keep going until your garden is completely leaf free.

Total Length 1.3m Head 18cm x 18cm

To see it in action watch the video below.

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