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Protect young tree trunks from damage - great for tree planting and growing trees

Product Bite: StrimGuard to protect young trees

What is StrimGuard :StrimGuard is a unique product that addresses a specific need to protect trees from the age old problem of strimmer damage. It is important to clear long...
Sarah Talbot
How to grow damsons

How to Grow Damsons, plum like fruit perfect for jam

Growing Damson Plums Firstly what are damsons? Well, they are a sort of plum but not one you would want to pluck from the tree and eat. They are tart...
Sarah Talbot
Haxnicks gardening advice how to grow avocados the best way

Avocados, how to grow a fantastic Avocado tree!

Want to know the best way to grow an avocado tree?  This one is for fun! If you are growing your plant from a stone taken from a supermarket avocado...
Sarah Talbot
how to choose apple trees, growing apples

How to Choose & Look After Your Apple Trees

I have noticed that we get the most amazing apples from our two apple trees. This is because they are two trees of the same type; they blossom at the...
Sarah Talbot
The Potty Gardener and the best pot for a live Christmas tree

The Potty Gardener and her Potted Christmas Tree

I am extremely pleased with my potted tree! I can’t wait to bring it inside to be festooned with festive bits and baubles. This potted Christmas tree is on loan...
Hannah Collis