The answer is seed harvesting and it couldn’t be simpler. Summer’s in full swing and flowers are abundant, but many of the flowers have finished blooming now. Life lives on though, as the seeds are there for the next sowing. Collecting them couldn’t be simpler, just break/cut off their heads and either turn them upside down give them a good shake or prise the seeds out gently. If they don’t fall off easily it means that they are not ready yet. I wait until the flower heads are really dry, then it is easier.

Today's haul


Today's harvest is next summer's flowers

Today as an example I have collected allium, cornflower and aquilegia seeds, they will go into envelopes and in the autumn I will sow the perennials*, in the Spring I will sow the annuals. Make sure you keep the seeds you collect dry and remember to plant them when the time comes! Not sure about perennials and annuals? Check out the difference here

Sarah Talbot