As the amount of guests booms for LEGOLAND, the number of gardeners dwindles. Inventions like astro turf and extremely good fake mini trees make the gardeners life easier. There is little time for real gardening.


LEGOLAND version of Haxnicks' Eiffel Tower plant Frame

Times change: instead of mowing the lawns they are vacuum cleaning them! LEGOLAND employs 2 ½ gardeners for Miniland and 3 gardeners for the rest of the park. Originally there were 15 gardeners and flowers, grass and trees were high on the agenda. Now the managers have realised that most of the visitors are only interested in the rides and the LEGO unsurprisingly, so why 'waste money' on beautiful gardens? The heatwave of 2018 appears to be taking its toll. It has not rained at Windsor for 42 days now. The picnic lawns are suffering, the small amounts of flowers need watering, but the Miniland lawns are as fresh as ever. 

LEGOLAND Latest Exhibition


Trees didn't quite get long enough...

LEGO builders have built a new exhibition at Miniland, it is of Prince Harry and Megan on their wedding day at Windsor Castle. It is brilliant, but the trees surrounding it are dead because there wasn’t quite enough time for them to root and the hot weather has killed them off.

The problem with having real mini trees at Miniland is that no matter how much you prune them to stay small the trunks just keep getting fatter. Fake trees may have been a better option just this once. The rest of the parkland still needs real shrubs and real trees for picnic areas and exhibitions such as the Dinosaurs and Heartlake City. So there is still stuff to see for those more interested in gardening than LEGO. Gardens and gardeners may be less, but never extinct at LEGOLAND

Sarah Talbot