What is a Kitchen Garden Cloche?

The Kitchen Garden Cloche is a high quality durable growing cover made from galvanised black powder coated steel with high quality U.V resistant clear plastic. The cloche has an ornate carry handle making it not only stylish, but easy to move around.

What crop are they for

The cloche is ideal for growing herbs under cover and protecting salads. It provides a cosy microclimate for germination and rapid seedling growth. The

generous height of the cloche makes it suitable for protecting larger plants too. It is ideal for planting strawberries early in the year so that once they have flowered you can force them to fruit early. 

Where can I use them?

The Kitchen Garden Cloche measures 1 metre in length x 45 cm wide and can be used anywhere. As well as being practical it is seriously stylish and would add a sense of elegance to any kitchen garden. Ground pegs are included so no need to worry about placing them in an exposed area.

What's so special about it?

The Kitchen Garden Cloche is special as it has rotating vents that ensures that there is always a good movement of air so your plants inside don’t over-heat.

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