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5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in pots & containers

Written by Sarah Talbot

Growing Vegetables in Pots

When you first start gardening you need some quick growing vegetables to give you some quick, tasty wins. So look no further for the 5 easiest vegetables to grow.  A note of caution though, if you don't like to eat them then don't grow them.  The object is to fill your plate with things you like to eat. 

So lets get started...

What gardening tools do I need?

The first thing you need for growing veg in pots is the pot or containers.  You may have some already - we have included recommended pot sizes to you can check if they are suitable.  If you are growing vegetables indoors then consider something more decorative too. 

Vegetable grow bags will also work but we recommend getting some good quality planters that you can use year after year.  The ones we use for these 5 easy to grow veg come in a 3 pack of Small, Medium and Large so add a Potato Planter to this and you should have everything you need.    

You will also need is a trowel, some cane supports, good compost and a watering can with a rose. 

5 Easy vegetables to Grow in pots

1) Cut and come again leaves 

These do exactly what the name suggests. Rather than waiting for a whole head of lettuce to grow these leaves can be harvested and eaten as soon as they get to the size you want. 

Rocket is one of the most common of these but the seeds are often sold as "Salad Leaves" . They may include plants such as Oriental Mustard, Japanese Greens, Arugula, Rucola and Pak Choy. They are one of the fastest growing veg - you will be eating them in around 3 weeks from planting!

Container size:

Anything from a 6" Plant pot on your window sill to a Shallow Vegetable Planter will work. So use whatever pot you have but remember they don't have deep roots so no need to waste compost filling a deep planter. They are suitable if you are a small space gardener or even if you have no space and are growing vegetables inside.  

Fill your planter with compost and sow seeds according to the packet instructions. Don't sow them all at the same time!  Instead, sow them every week to ten days to keep a regular supply up. You can get three or more harvests from each sowing as they will regrow once cut. 

If you want to be more ambitious and grow a whole lettuce then check out our guide to Growing Crispy Iceberg Lettuce 

2) Courgettes

Courgette plant with flower

If you are growing vegetables in containers then courgettes are a great choice. They have some of the most spectacular flowers that you will see in a British garden and will give you the wow factor.  Plus they give you courgettes! 

An important thing to know about growing courgettes as a beginner, is that some of those flowers will drop off without producing courgettes.  And this is OK!  To find out why this is and for for full details of how to grow courgettes see our blog The Best Way to Grow Courgettes & Squashes

Container size:

They need a large space to sprawl across but don't need a huge amount of soil so will be OK growing in a Medium or Shallow Vegetable Planter.

 3) Radishes

Radishes one of 5 easy vegetables to grow

Radishes can be planted from January to September so its hardly ever the wrong time to plant radishes. They are a love them or hate them crop though.  But it has to be said that freshly picked homegrown radishes are much tastier and crunchier than shop bought ones.

They are another of the fastest growing veg and take approx 4 weeks from sowing seed to harvesting.  So its a great one for anyone impatient.

Container size

Around 4" to 6" (10cm to 15cm) deep with good drainage. As a guide a planter with a diameter of 16" will be Ok for around 5 radishes. Plant them around 1" to 2" (2 to 4cm) apart according to the packet instructions. 

4) Peas & Beans

Peas and beans work very well in pots and planters. There are two types of beans - climbers like Runner Beans and smaller bush varieties like Dwarf French Beans.

Container Size: 

If you are growing a climber then you will need a pot large enough to take a plant support such as a wigwam made from bamboos canes. The planter you use has to be deeper than for the salad leaves.


If you are really short of space then a 5L Vigoroot pot with a Water Saucer will allow you to grow a runner bean in a 5L pot.

Beans growing on a balcony

If you have a little more space to spare then the Pea and Bean Planter holds 6 bean plants in the space of little bigger than a laptop. It has pockets to slot your canes into so makes it easy to support them. This planter is ideal for small space growing and allows those with just a balcony or very little outside space to enjoy a summer's worth of home grown beans. The balcony pictured is providing food including beans all summer long.  

If you want to Dwarf Beans then a Medium Vegetable Planter will work. For full instructions on how to grow beans check out this blog: Grow at home: Green Beans

Whichever you grow, peas and beans will stay productive longer if harvested vigorously. The more you pick the more you get! 

5) Potatoes

You will be surprised how easy these are to grow and how gorgeous the flowers are!

These need a big pot or planter - around 40L. Potato planters are inexpensive and can be used year after year. The added advantage is that growing potatoes in a planter is far less back breaking than growing in the ground.

There is no digging to prepare the bed - simply add 15cm of compost to a your planter, place your seed potatoes on top and cover with more compost. Then when the potato plants are 10 to 15cm tall cove them up with compost.  This seems an odd thing to do but it works.  Within days your plants will be showing

again and then you repeat the process over and over until the planter is full.   Then all you have to do is keep them watered and they will be ready to harvest after they have flowered and the stems have died back.  

When it comes to harvesting just tip it over and collect your potatoes. For full instructions on growing potatoes check out this blog Grow at Home: Potatoes

So that's it.  The 5 easiest vegetables to grow in pots, planters and containers and perfect for beginners.  We'd love to see how you get on, especially if it is your first time growing veg. So do tag us @Haxnicks in any pictures you post.  

And if you don't fancy growing these crops (or have mastered them already!) then check out out our 5 More Veg to Grow in Pots blog for more gardening inspiration.  



  • This sounds like my type of gardening!! I have a brown thumb, but I might be able to mange something like this! Thanks!!

    Posted by Kim Arlene | March 30, 2022
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