Growing Broad Beans in Rootrainers

Hello Gardeners,

I hope that your gardens are flourishing with this recent burst of warmer weather. The contents of my greenhouse are certainly bursting into life and I am now beginning to really see the results of some of my New Year sowing and planting. Back in February I sowed some broad beans in Rootrainers. Having not quite got around to digging over the veg patch, I felt that this would give them a head start, and now the veg patch is ready and the young plugs are perfect for planting out.

Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers growing Broad Beans

As you can see, every single bean has germinated and gone on to produce really healthy looking young plants. The great thing about using these Rootrainers is that the plant ends up with a truly super root system making the plants much stronger. The grooves in the Rootrainer cells guide the first roots towards the drainage holes at the bottom where the tips die off. Then, lots of little side roots develop higher up in the cell. This process of air-pruning gives each plant a set of strong, straight roots. Of course I am bound to be a proud exponent of this product, but any avid Monty Don fans out there will know that he is pretty keen on Rootrainers too. Look no further than the most recent episode of Gardener’s World!

Haxnicks Rootrainers with Healthy Broad Bean Roots

Because the Rootrainers open up like a book it is really easy to remove the plug plants without disturbing or damaging  the roots. You can easily have a peak to see how things are getting on. Opening up the Rootrainers like this is also great for showing children what goes on below the soil too!

Haxnicks helps Zambian Orphans grow their first VegetablesThese children have been learning all about growing plants in the best way possible, by growing their own vegetables. This image has been sent to me by my great grand daughter of the first veg coming in from The Haxnicks garden in Zambia  where all looks like it's going to plan!

Happy gardening,

Grandpa Haxnicks

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  • A. Howard

    Hi Grandpa Haxnicks,

    I agree with you regarding how we can teach our children to plant seeds. Every plant needs specific care to grow and yield its fruit without any problems like the lack of soil turfing or bugs. With your idea to plant in rootrainers you can save every vegetable from the bad weather and pests.
    Best wishes from an expert gardener in London

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