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  • Garden SpeedHoe from Haxnicks
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The amazing SpeedHoe™ is strong and easy to use and will soon become your best friend in the fight against weeds, or heavy lumpy soil. With several innovative design features, SpeedHoe™ outperforms every other garden hoe on the market. With it's clever, ergonomic design, the only hard push needed is to find a garden hoe that is more effective at ploughing through the soil and taking out the weeds. See below for more detailed information about the amazing Speedhoe.

Length 1.7m (5ft10") Width 12cm (5").



  1. The unique angle of the head of this hoeing tool allows perfect positioning of the blade for both forward and backward strokes with minimum movement/articulation. This reduces bending minimising aches and strains.
  2. The twin points at the rear dig sharply into the ground, naturally drawing the blade downwards as it travels through the soil.
  3. The curved shape of the rear blades creates a slicing action through soil and roots. This results in a smooth yet amazingly powerful ploughing action, which cuts easily through weeds and breaks up hard soil without the need for hacking or digging.
  4. The overall triangular shape of the blade creates a stability that prevents the hoe from twisting, which produces a controlled and even cut.
  5. The single front point produces less resistance for the naturally less powerful forward stroke, and helps guide the blade in the direction of the force applied, giving excellent control for easy and accurate hoeing between narrow rows of precious plants.

Geoff Hodge's 5 star review of Haxnicks SpeedHoe™ in Garden News magazine

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