What are Easy Fleece Jackets?

They are Instant winter protection for large, exotic and tender container plants, as well as any non-hardy plants, to help protect them from harsh weather whilst allowing air, moisture, and water to reach your plant.

What are Easy Fleece Jackets used for?

Easy Fleece Jackets are quick and easy to use and give plants instant protection from frost and other harsh weather. The jackets are simply fitted over the plant and secured with the integral drawstring around the base.

Using two Easy Fleece Jackets, one over the other can help protect plants from much lower temperatures as it creates an insulating layer.

What’s so special about them?

The Easy Fleece jackets from high-grade 35gsm polypropylene fleece, which let through light and moisture maintaining healthy growing conditions, and the natural-green colour makes them unobtrusive in the garden. They are especially good for large, exotic & tender container plants, palms and cordylines.

Easy fleece jackets are available in small, medium and large to suit all sizes of plants.

Small For overwintering plants in containers and protecting against sudden frosts

W 24cm H 39cm W 60cm H 80cm 

Medium Protects hanging basket and medium sized container plants from early or late frosts

W 24cm H 39cm W 80cm H 1m

Large For overwintering large exotic and tender container plants e.g. palms & cordylines

W 24cm H 39cm W 1.2m H 1.8m 


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