The highly respected publication Garden News has conducted a trial of slicing hoes. According to Geoff Hodge, writer, broadcaster and product guru, The Haxnicks SpeedHoe has come out top of the class.

The Hoes

The hoes were tested for quality, comfort, performance and value for money. The SpeedHoe got 5 stars on all counts. It was especially noted for how sharp the edges were all round it, greatly increasing the ease of use. As a result it beat off stiff competition from bigger brands with big price tags to be crowned the best slicing hoe in the trial. As much as other hoes had their benefits they all scored less in at least one area. One proud owner commented that it was "the best hoe on earth" and we aren't going to disagree with her. Read the full article below to understand more, Furthermore if you want to make sure you are receiving the best possible gardening advice every week then you can subscribe here Garden News magazine.

Garden News Magazine review of hoes trial in which the Haxnicks SpeedHoe came top

The full article

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