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Bunny Guinness features Haxnicks Easy Net Tunnel to help keep plants cool

Written by Sarah Talbot


Easy-Net tunnels one of the ways to combat the heat and keep plants cool.

With an almost unprecedented spell of hot dry weather gardeners are searching for ways to save their garden from the scorching sun. Bunny Guinness, writing in the Telegraph, has found the ideal solution in the Haxnicks Easy Net Tunnel. It is the only tunnel that uses shade netting to protect from the sun. It also conserves valuable moisture which is key with the weather as it is.


Shade netting tunnels keep plants cool!

There are other ways to combat the heat too. 


For those who really don't like watering, then self watering solutions such as the Self Watering Tower Garden and the Vigoroot Easy Table Garden are a great choice. Most plants like to remain moist at all times. Drying out or irregular watering can play havoc with popular plants such as tomatoes causing fruit to split or become deformed. As well as keeping the plants hydrated both the Tower Garden and the Table Garden use Vigoroot fabric so that the roots of the plants are air-pruned allowing much more to be grown in a small space. Meanwhile, if you are already growing plants in pots then Water Saucers may be the answer to your problems. An imminent hose pipe ban has led to a huge increase in sales of Water Saucers. A nifty solution that works with any potted plant. The plant draws up water as needed via a super absorbent capillary wick. This is better for the environment as it conserves water and none is wasted. A three way win for plant, gardener and the environment.

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  • Thanks for your message, James. How you water the Easy Tunnel depends on which one you have. If it is the Net, Micromesh and to a lesser extent the Fleece you can water through the tunnel, no need to remove it. If it is the Poly then you will need to pull the hoops up, concertina it back, water then replace. You will find that the Tunnel conserves the water though and stops a good deal of evaporation form the soil surface so watering should be less than if you didn’t use it.

    Posted by Haxnicks | April 11, 2023
  • How can I water plants in a Haxnicks Easy Tunnel?

    Posted by James Archer | April 11, 2023
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