It's the perfect time of year for Leaf Picker. As its time to start preparing the garden for winter. It's definitely time to think about clearing leaves,

Leaf Picker_head_with_leaves

Leaf Picker in action

digging over beds and generally having a tidy up. To help you, Grow Your Own magazine has completed a trial of the tools you will need. Included in this trial is the Haxnicks Leaf Picker. And they really liked what they saw.

Deeming it to be " An efficient, easy pick-up and discard mechanism for leaves without any backbreaking bending over" it gets a great big thumbs up from Simon Akeroyd. They found that it was especially good for picking up leaves in flower beds and borders where a traditional rake may damage plants. It is definitely a must for the every tool shed.

How the Leaf Picker works

Where leaves get caught on traditional rakes a simple push, pull action on the Leaf Picker dumps the leaves into your wheelbarrow, compost heap or wheelie bin. Or better still, put the leaves straight into one of our Composting Sacks and forget about them.

In 12 to 24 months you will have the best home made compost: leaf mould. Otherwise called gardeners gold this is the real creme de la creme when it comes to compost.

These simple natural jute sacks are fully biodegradable so you can toss them on the compost heap or stick out of the way behind a shed. Here they make a great habitat for worms, which add their nutritious worm castes to the mix. The sacks can also be placed round young trees or in borders to suppress weeds. 

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To read more about Leaf Picker and find out how helpful it can in clearing a neglected, unruly garden then why not take a look at this blog too Clearing The Garden - Leaf Picker Saves the Day

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Hi Johanna, thanks for getting in touch – they are back in stock on our website now so you can find them there or I have sent you a link via email.

— Haxnicks

Where can I buy this leaf picker I have had one for years and would like a new one.

— Johanna kline