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Clearing the overgrown Garden - Leaf Picker saves the day

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 26 March 2018

Having cleared the lawn with the Leaf Picker today I need to do some clearing of a different sort. Serious thrash and burn style clearing as the house has been empty for 2 years. The part of the garden in question could charitably be deemed in need of some attention. This particular bit is covered in all sorts of unfriendly plants, brambles, what I suspect are very overgrown roses, tiny emerging nettles and more brambles – basically enormous prickly characters that mean me harm. 

Clearing the Garden for Spring in Haxnicks Garden

Time to make a start

After weeks of busying myself with other tasks and basically avoiding it I have resigned myself and will now have to just get on with it. Today was the day. Braving the remaining snow and armed with my new secateurs (2 sets just in case), my lovely new gardening gloves, and with my Leaf Picker relegated to the subs bench, it was time to do battle. A slow job but apart from the brambles stealing my hat every time I turned round the going was good. The pile was building and the ground was coming into sight – I was winning. 

Newly Cleared Ground at Haxnicks Garden
Haxnicks Leaf Picker against felled tree
Haxnicks Leaf Picker head in leaves

But someone had been there before me. The ground was covered with dead bits of bramble which, for the record, are even sharper than the live ones. If there was any hope of finding the inner manicured garden then this was going to have to be cleared. Inspiration (and an aching back) kicked in. Having resigned myself to not needing the Leaf Picker again until Autumn it was off the bench and back in play. Perfect for reaching behind the brambles, avoiding the gentle stings of baby nettles and picking up the 2 years plus of dead leaves. It even picked up quite a few of the sticks littering the ground which was an added bonus. 

Haxnicks Leaf Picker spikes with leaves

Rain stopped play and school run curtailed my explorations. So the dream has not quite become reality at time of writing. However, joy of joys, this part of the garden is starting to emerge from the mists. A few more hours work and my neighbour’s plot will no longer be at risk of invasion - thanks Leaf Picker!



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