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Product Bites: Haxnicks Potato Planters

Written by Tildenet Marketing

What are Potato Planters:

Haxnicks Potato planters with homegrown potatoes

Potato Planters are the super easy way to grow potatoes. A pack of 3 large planters with good drainage that make it easy to grow this kitchen staple.

What crop are they for:

Any type of potatoes from little salad ones to large baking types. They take 40 Litres of compost and come in a pack of 3. Each one will take 3 to 4 seed potatoes. 

Where can I use them:

Use anywhere in the garden, patio, balcony or terrace. They are 35cm in daimeter so you only need a tiny space to get growing. 

What's so special about it?


Potato flower

They take all the hard work out of growing potatoes. There is no digging to prepare the bed. Simply fill them a third full to start and plant your seed potatoes. Then as the plants emerge just cover them up again with compost. Repeat until the planter is full. This is much easier to achieve in planters than in the ground where you have to dig large trenches. The other big advantage is at harvest time. To harvest, spread out a large plastic sheet and tip the planter over onto it. Search through the compost and you will find your lovely crop. Much easier than having to dig the plants up and hunt for the crop.

Find out more:

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