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Product Bites: Down To Earth gardening book

Written by Tildenet Marketing

What is Down to Earth:


Down to Earth, by Madeleine Cardozo, is a quality hardback book providing a practical step by step guide to growing a wide variety of vegetables. It is suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced gardeners wanting to expand the range of veg they grow.

What crop does it include:

It covers 40 vegetables from the every day ones like potatoes, tomatoes and salads. To the less often grown veg such as chicory, fennel and asparagus. 

What does it cover:

It talks gardeners through from preparing the beds to harvesting the crops. It also covers how to grow in pots and planters as well as in the ground. And the best time to plant and harvest each crop. Plus the odd recipe and serving suggestion. 

What's so special about Down to Earth?


The A to Z style makes it suoer easy to use. No hunting in the index - you just turn to the veg you want to grow. Beautiful photography means it is equally good on the coffee table as in the potting shed. It is the sort of book that will be passed down through the generations and makes an ideal gift for gardeners.

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