What is SpeedWeed:


SpeedWeed is an innovative weeding tool. It is designed for large areas and is great for lawns, orchards, paddocks, grassy banks and verges. Using it is effortless. Unlike other weeding tools there is no digging, pulling, twisting or bending required. This precision tool has a high quality hardwood handle and sharpened stainless steel cutting scoop and foot bar.

What is SpeedWeed used for:

Weeds such as dandelions and thistles can quickly spread and become a real nuisance. In large grassy areas, or for organic gardeners, weed killers are not an option. SpeedWeed offers a quick, satisfying and efficient way to rid gardeners of the problem. 

What's so special about it?

The special thing about SpeedWeed is that you get the same result as other root weeders with half the effort as it is so easy to use. With a simple push on the foot bar the cutting scoop will slice through the weed below ground. No need to get on your knees. The process will kill most weeds off instantly. If there is any regrowth then this will be weak and another ruthless round of Speed Weeding or mowing will get rid of it. Weeding tools that take out the main root require more precision and effort for the same end result. Whatever weeding tool you use, roots can easily snap, or fragments and remain in the soil. The result of all the extra effort will be the same level of regrowth as Speed Weeding. 

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