What is MicroMesh Pest & Wind barrier:

The MicroMesh Pest & Wind Barrier is a barrier to put round plants to protect them from low flying insects such as carrot fly whilst also protecting crops from wind damage. It is also perfect for keeping cats, chickens and even children off the crops!

What crop is it used for:

It is particularly good for the protection of all crops in the parsley family such as carrots, fennel, dill, coriander, parsnips and celery. However it will shelter any plants from the wind if your plot is in an exposed area. 


What's so special about it?

It protects your plants but still allows sunlight, watering and easy access to crops. it is made from tightly woven ultra fine 0.6mm mesh with bamboo supports stitched in so it is easy to erect. Adaptable to surround different plot shapes and will cover up to 4m² When using, make sure that there are no gaps at the sides or bottom of the barrier and your plants will be fully protected. For best results we recommend using the barrier from sowing to harvest. 


Find out more:

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